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Is it being backed up on a regular basis?
Even if you presently have a backup, what kind is it? Is the backup being copied to a separate media in the same room as the data source, to protect you in the event your hard drive dies?
What if a catastrophe happens which destroys both the data's source (your computer's hard drive) and the backup too? What are you going to use as a restore source if the backup's been destroyed too?

That's why you need an offsite backup!

It's the most comprehensive type of backup there is. It's also very safe, too. Our offsite backup keeps the data encrypted at all times. It's encrypted upon transmission, as well as while it's stored offsite (at the backup location). Only with a decryption key can it be accessed (decrypted).
In the event of a worst case scenario, the data can be either downloaded or copied to a drive and brought to your location. It would then be decrypted on your premesis. This is especially helpful with the recovery of a large data set, when downloading the data would take a very long time. This leads to a quicker recovery and lower down time.
It's very important to be proactive with backups, instead of waiting for something to go wrong and hoping there's a way out.

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